Zandre Campos CEO of ABO Capital Supports Angola Students

Fifteen Students From CEPI Travel to New York to Compete in Education Competition

New York, NY, June 26, 2017 – Zandre Campos, CEO of ABO Capital, a leading international investment firm headquartered in Angola, announced today that fifteen students from Complexo Escolar Privado Internacional (CEPI), traveled to Oswego, N.Y. to attend the GENIUS International High School Project Olympiad at the State University of New York at Oswego. GENIUS Olympiad took place from June 12 through June 17 and provided secondary school students with opportunities to develop the skills and knowledge needed to be citizens, leaders, scientists, artists, writers, engineers, and policy makers of the future who will promote and contribute to greater environmental sustainability.

“This was an amazing opportunity and learning experience for the students,” said Mr. Campos. “I was happy to support the students on this trip because it is crucial to empower young people and provide them with outstanding educational opportunities. An educated workforce will help Africa to develop new industries and strengthen its economy.”

Fifteen CEPI students from 6th through 12th grade traveled to the GENIUS Olympiad. The students attended several educational on-campus events and visited local attractions and universities. The students competed with 12 projects and received several accolades including two bronze medals and two honorable mentions in science; two honorable mentions in robotics; one silver medal, one bronze medal and four honorable mentions in literature; and one bronze medal and one honorable mention in art.

A sample of the projects presented include:

•Antioxidant, Detoxifying, and Cleansing Properties of Cochlospermum Angolensis (Borututu Bark)
Two students examined the extract from Borututu bark and found that it works well as an antibacterial. In their research, the extract worked better than bleach and eliminated most of the bacteria from a petri dish. They concluded that the Borututu bark has antibacterial properties that can replace chemicals in soaps, antibacterial gels and other products to kill bacteria in a more natural way.

•Kiabo: Immunity Booster and Intestinal Tract Lubricant
Two students hypothesized that Kiabo, or okra, has properties that would benefit the immune system of HIV positive patients. The students found that along with the use of an antiretroviral, Kiabo allows HIV patients to maintain a good lifestyle. Kiabo is an immunity booster, helps prevent anemia and can act as a respiratory soother. The students are going to continue the research with Hospital Esperança, Luanda.

Students developed a robot, named Hope-Bot, to show that robots can be used to benefit the environment. Using simple plastic Lego pieces, some small motors and sensors, a robot was built to identify trash. The Hope-Bot was able to identify different colored cubes and put them into different colored containers to represent recycling.
ABO Capital recently announced the purchase of CEPI, an award-winning school that provides education excellence for pre-school through high school students. Education is a key focus of Mr. Campos and ABO Capital plans to open up three additional schools in the near future.

“After speaking to several of the students who attended the GENIUS Olympiad I am excited to follow their educational careers because I believe they all have very bright futures and will make a difference in Africa,” added Mr. Campos.

About ABO Capital
ABO Capital, formerly Angola Capital Investments, is an international investment firm that invests in companies in the healthcare, technology, energy, transportation, hospitality and real estate sectors throughout Africa. The mission of ABO Capital is to create global value for developing countries in Africa, while contributing to their economic development.

About Zandre Campos
Zandre Campos is one of the great, innovative business leaders and global entrepreneurs emerging out of Africa. Currently, he is chairman and CEO of ABO Capital, an international investment firm headquartered in Angola with holdings throughout the Globe. Mr. Campos was named one of the Top 25 African business influencers and was a recipient of the Distinguished Business Excellence Award by African Leadership Magazine. He is frequently quoted as an expert on Africa in the media and is a recurring contributor for The Huffington Post and US News & World Report. He recently addressed both students and professors at the NYU Africa House on the opportunities in Africa.