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Advancement Through Innovation

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Investment Sectors


A quality education system in Africa is key to economic diversification and a prosperous economy. Young people in Africa need to realize their vision and to lead Africa forward. Education is the foundation and the essence of their future.


Technology has come a long way in Africa but there is a still a ways to go. Africans need to go beyond merely copying technology used elsewhere or adapting it to fit African circumstances, to being part of their own innovation.

Financial Services

Digital financial services are a core component of Africa’s financial services landscape – and have dramatically expanded access to formal financial services for more people than ever before. We must continue on this trajectory to help bridge the gap in financial services across the continent.


Energy is perhaps one of the most important aspects of our everyday lives, not just for convenience, but for our economic growth. Abundant solar energy potential, substantial wind sources, and its vast hydrocarbon reserves, make Africa a great potential resource for renewable energy. As the world shifts toward clean energy, Africa can become the next energy powerhouse.


Production, employment, trade, and foreign direct investment in Africa’s manufacturing sector have grown faster than global averages over the past decade. This presents an opportunity for African countries to attract even more investment in the higher value-added, export-led manufacturing, which will in turn help advance industrialization and economic development.


In 2019, South Africa became the first African nation to legalize the wholesale distribution of nonprescription CBD products, which has led to increasingly widespread acceptance of Cannabis-based products throughout the region. This offers many economic advantages in a burgeoning global market, including accelerating the distribution of products throughout Africa, such as CBD oil.

Real Estate

Africa’s rapidly growing property markets are attracting increased interest from international investors, developers and occupiers. As we continue to grapple with a growing population and rising urbanization, we must continue to hold our policymakers accountable in balancing infrastructure development and manufacturing with an investment in residential real estate.

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