Eight Angolan Students From CEPI Visit New York for Education Competition, Earning Six Medals

Zandre Campos, CEO of ABO Capital, an international investment firm that builds opportunities in emerging markets across Africa, announced today that eight students from Complexo Escolar Privado Internacional (CEPI) – a school run by ABO Capital to help expand access to education in Angola – participated in the 2022 Copernicus Mathematics Olympiad, a paper-based competition in which students complete a math exam.

Students participate in this year’s Copernicus Mathematics Olympiad, receiving multiple honors

“Copernicus Olympiad offers secondary school students with opportunities to develop the skills and knowledge to become scientists, artists, writers, engineers, policy makers, and the leaders of tomorrow who will promote and contribute to greater environmental sustainability,” said Mr. Campos. “These are the skills we need to nurture to help make Africa the global pioneer it’s meant to be.”

In July, 1500 students from 26 countries in 5th to 12th grade headed to New York to compete in the Copernicus Mathematics Olympiad. Eight students from CEPI competed and received multiple accolades, including 1 gold medal, 1 silver medal, 4 bronze medals and 2 honorable mentions.

The CEPI students have already participated in four global education competitions this year, spanning the United States, United Kingdom, and Singapore. These included the Future Intelligence Student Olympiad, STEMCO, Teen Eagle, and 2022 Copernicus Mathematics Olympiad. In addition to mathematics, these competitions included art projects, English exams, and challenges like writing, speaking, and spelling tests.

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ABO Capital is an international investment firm that builds opportunities in emerging markets across Africa. Led by global entrepreneur Zandre Campos, ABO Capital invests in companies that create value and promote economic development throughout Africa. With a focus on education and technology, ABO Capital also operates in the financial services, energy, manufacturing, distribution and real estate sectors. ABO Capital is headquartered in Angola with offices in Dubai and the United States. Learn more at abocapital.net.

About Zandre Campos

Zandre Campos is one of the great, innovative business leaders and global entrepreneurs emerging out of Africa. Currently, he is chairman and CEO of ABO Capital, an international investment firm that builds opportunities in emerging markets across Africa. Campos was named one of the Top 25 African business influencers and was a recipient of the Distinguished Business Excellence Award by African Leadership Magazine and the Africa Award by CEO Magazine. An advocate for bringing better education and technology to Africa, Campos is frequently quoted as an expert on Africa in the media and has spoken at leading industry conferences around the world.