African Leadership Magazine: ABO Capital Announces Purchase of Turkish School in Angola

Zandre Campos, CEO of ABO Capital, a leading international investment firm headquartered in Angola, has recently announced that the company has purchased the Turkish school in Benfica, a neighbourhood in the Samba district located just south of Luanda, the capital of Angola.

Complexo Escolar Privado Internacional (CEPI), formerly Colégio Esperança Internacional, provides education excellence for pre-school through high school students.

“In order for Africa to continue being a world leader, we need to diversify from oil, and in order to do that we need an educated workforce,” said Mr. Campos. “Complexo Escolar Privado Internacional has been developing individuals who are skilled in their fields of study, and are productive and innovative, with a broad worldview and respect for human values since 2007. We invested the funds in order to keep the school operating because we strongly believe in the importance of our youth and their education.”

You can read the Full Publication here.