Our team

  • Zandre Campos

    Founder & CEO

    Zandre Campos is the current chairman and CEO of ABO Capital. Mr. Campos is one of the most innovative...

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  • Terence Almeida

    Transportation Business Head

    Terence Toni Pascoal de Almeida, newly appointed as member of the board and General Manager of Duplo...

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  • Nilson Pascoal

    Hospitality Business Head and Head of New Projects Development

    Nilson Pascoal da Silva Jr, is Hospitality Business Head and Head of New Projects Development. He...

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  • Antonio Carlos Oliveira

    Vice President

    Antonio Carlos Oliveira is the Vice President of the Board at ABO Capital and is also the Chairman...

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  • Patricia Santos Bernardo

    Legal and Tax Department Head

    Patricia Santos Bernardo is a lawyer with vast experience in negotiations and due diligence with...

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  • Edgar Cardoso


    Edgar Cardoso is currently the CFO of ABO Capital and Board member at Duplo C Transport and Servicos....

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  • Jaime Graça

    Education Business Head

    Jaime Graça is the Head of the Education Business of the group. He is also the CEO of Blu Air,...

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  • Ana Java

    Executive Secretary

    Ana Java is currently the Executive Secretary of ABO's CEO, Zandre Campos. Ms. Java graduated with...

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